Stem Cell Technology

Stem cells are immature cells that have the remarkable ability to develop into various cells in the body during the early stages of life and growth. They are very important from a clinical perspective in that researchers are figuring out the functions of these cells allowing them to create life-saving treatments for patients. 

Stem cells are also changing the drug discovery and development process, offering new opportunities to improve the identification of lead candidates in order to bring new drugs to market.  From high throughput screening to toxicity assays stem cells are becoming an important part of the drug discovery industry. 

Having quality products are paramount to ensuring results that you can trust. MTI-GlobalStem is a commercial research products company that offers a portfolio of reagents for stem cell and neural cell culture for stem cell biology, neuroscience and drug discovery research.  In  additional to offering transfection reagents for stem cells, neurons and hard-to-transfection primary cells, MTI-GlobalStem’s complete portfolio consists of primary and  human iPSC-derived neural cells, and stem cells supporting feeder cells, along with growth media, supplements and growth factors for optimal cell culture.

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