Stem Cell Banking

Creating, maintaining and testing a stem cell bank is a challenging, time-consuming process. At MTI-GlobalStem, our scientists are experts in culturing, expanding and characterizing cell lines. We have deep experience with all stem cell types including embryonic, adult and iPS cell lines. Our stem cell banking services are performed by highly skilled and experienced scientists using validated standard operating procedures and state-of-the-art equipment. Our complete portfolio of stem cell banking services includes: 

  • Acquisition of cell lines
  • Maintenance of cell line identity and quality control
  • Characterization and authentication of cellular features at each step
  • Cryopreservation and storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Expansion of cells to create pre-Master, Master, and Working cell banks
  • Collection of relevant data in a database
  • Long- or short-term storage 
  • Distribution of cell lines on request

Our comprehensive suite of testing and characterization of banked stem cells ensures a continuous, hassle-free supply of consistent, reliable cells for the length of your project, for both you and your collaborators. 

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Stem Cell Banking Services

Stem Cell Banking Services

Our Stem Cell Banking ServicesStem cell banking has a played an important role in the advancement of..

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