Mouse Hippocampal Neurons  

MTI-GlobalStem Mouse Hippocampal Neurons (MHN) are isolated from early embryonic stage (E17) Black 6 mice and provided cryopreserved as primary cells. Validated standard operating procedures and high quality control practices are strictly followed to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. These hippocampal neurons can be used in a variety of applications including gene expression and calcium flux assays, neurotoxicity, drug screening and other general neuroscience studies. Our high quality isolation procedures and validated quality control standards ensure maximum lot-to-lot consistency and post-thaw viability consistently in the range of 50-80%. 

Figure 1.  Mouse Hippocampal Neurons (GSC-8360)  remain viable during long term culturing. Above image shows  rat forebrain neurons at 3 weeks in culture. Cells were cultured in NeuralQ® Basal Medium (GSM-9420) and GS21™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3100).

Technical Data

Recommended Use Immunocytochemistry, neuronal development, calcium flux assays, electrophysiology, transfection, gene expression assays
Type C57BL/6 Mouse Hippocampus (E17)
Product Unit Cryopreserved vial
Size 1 vial, 2 or 4 million viable cells
Storage Liquid nitrogen
Quality Testing Tested for healthy, undifferentiated growth, sterility, mycoplasma, post-thaw viability
Shipping Dry Ice

Primary Mouse Hippocampal Neurons - 1M

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