NeuralQ® minus Phenol Red 

 serum-free basal medium formulated for optimal growth and survival of primary and iPSC-derived neural cells in culture, and based on the previously published formulation by Brewer et al.1.  This media is intended to be supplemented with  GS21™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3100), along with other standard neuronal growth factor supplements, for best performance.

Recommended Applications

  • Fluorescence imaging applications
  • Applications were phenol red may inhibit cell growth

Supports Healthy Primary Neurons in Culture

NeuralQ Basal Medium Supports Primary Neurons in Culture 4 Weeks

Image 1.  Healthy, maturing primary rat neurons in culture - NeuralQ® Basal Medium supports maximum viability and healthy of primary rat neurons during short and longer-term culture.


Image 2. NeuralQ® supports development of mature neurons - Above images of primary rat neurons (Map2ab, green) cultured 15 days in NeuralQ™ Basal Medium shows healthy, mature neurons in culture.

Outperforms Neurobasal® Medium in Long-Term Cultures


Image 3. NeuralQ® outperforms Neurobasal® Medium - Above images of primary rat neurons (Map2ab, green) were cultured 3 weeks in NeuralQ® Basal Medium (panel A) or Neurobasal (panel B) and supplemented with GS21™ Neural Supplement. The above data shows NeuralQ® Basal Medium significantly outperforms Neurobasal in supporting neurons growth (green) during long term culture. GFAP staining (red) and Hoechst (blue) label astrocytes and nuclei, respectively.

Significantly Better Support of Primary Mouse Cortical Neurons

Image 4. GS21 Supplemented NeuralQ® Basal Medium for Superior Performance in Mouse Neurons - Primary Mouse Cortical Neurons (ThermoFisher,  Cat No. A15585) were cultured in GS21 supplemented NeuralQ Basal Medium (left image) or B27® Supplemented Neurobasal (right image) for two weeks. Cells were then fixed and stained with Map2 (green) to label maturing neurons. Above representative images show NeuralQ/G21 better supports mouse neuronal maturation than does Neurobasal/B27.

Reference: Brewer, G.J., Torricelli, J.R., Evege, E.K. and Price, P.J. Optimized survival of hippocampal neurons in B27-supplemented Neurobasal, A new serum-free medium combination. J. Neurosci. Res.35: 567-576 (1993).

Technical Data


NeuralQ & GS21 are registered Molecular Transfer, Inc trademark products

Recommended Use Basal medium minus phenol red for long-term growth and survival of primary and iPSC-derived neurons in culture. Recommended for applications where phenol red may inhibit cell growth; Florescence imaging applications.
Product Unit Bottle, sterile-filtered
Size 500mL
Concentration 1X
Storage Refrigerate at 4°C
Quality Testing Sterility, bacterial and fungal testing
Shipping Room temperature
Other Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses

NeuralQ® Basal Medium minus Phenol Red (1X)

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