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NuFF: Newborn Human Foreskin Fibroblasts - High quality human feeder cells for pluripotent stem cells

human fibroblast feeder cells (NuFF)

The success of maintaining human ESC and iPSC begins with the propagation of healthy feeder cultures. We recommend using our human newborn fibroblasts (NuFF) to support your human pluripotent cell lines. The NuFF feeder cells support and maintain human ESC and iPSC in the undifferentiated state. Irradiated human newborn fibroblasts (NuFF IRR) support human pluripotent cell without introducing a second species to your culture conditions.

  • Pre‐Inactivated and Ready‐to‐Use ‐ Irradiated feeders facilitate faster and high efficiency primary iPS cell generation. 
  • High Quality, Low Passage ‐ PluriQ™ tested fibroblasts provide consistent, long‐term support of healthy induced pluripotent stem cell cultures.
  • Meticulous Quality Control – Comprehensive testing of each lot with human ES cells to ensure safety and performance.

Meticulous Quality Control

Work with confidence. Comprehensive testing of each lot minimizes contamination risks to your lab. Our NuFF are derived and comprehensively tested on human ES cells to ensure robust and consistent performance with every lot. In addition they are:

  • Negative for bacterial/fungal contamination
  • Negative for MycoplasmaPCR assay
  • Negative for human pathogens
  • Post thaw viability: typically greater than 95%

Recommended Plating

The recommended seeding density is 2 x 104 to 3 x 104 cells/cm2; however, please follow the culture instructions provided with the specific ESC or iPSC lines that you are using. These cells should be plated 24 hours prior to plating the ES cells and can be used for 7–10 days. If the feeder cells are too sparse, they may not maintain the pluripotent cells without differentiation, and the pluripotent cells may not attach well. If the plating is too dense, the feeder layer may detach from the plate, and the culture will be lost.

Save Time and Money

Save time and trouble dealing with an animal facility, performing tedious and time-consuming dissections and the time required to expand and test the cells. Day after day – week after week. Focus on your research.

Safe Handling

Work with confidence. Our comprehensive contamination tests include human pathogen and Mycoplasma detection. This significantly minimizes the threat of contamination in your lab allowing you to work with greater confidence.

Technical Data


Recommended Use Maintenance of undifferentiated ESC and iPSC lines
Cell Source Human Foreskin
Product Unit Cryopreserved Vial
Size 4-5 million cells/vial
Treatment Irradiation
Storage Vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
Quality Testing Tested for high efficient maintenance of human pluripotent cells, sterility, human pathogens, mycoplasma, post thaw viability
Shipping Dry Ice
Passage Number P12
Other Donor 11 or 12

Human Fibroblasts 4M IRR

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