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Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF)

Recombinant mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF) is a lymphoid factor which is involved in a number of reproductive, inflammatory, developmental and regenerative processes. LIF promotes long-term maintenance of pluripotent stem cells by suppressing spontaneous differentiation. LIF is also involved in a number of other biological processes including neural and hematopoietic cell differentiation, bone and fat metabolism, and mitogenesis of certain factor dependent cell lines. mLIF is an Animal-Free manufactured product.

Applications for Mouse Pluripotent (iPS/>ES) Stem Cell Culturing

Added as a supplement to cell culture medium to promote long-term maintenance and propagation of undifferentiated mouse embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Customer Assay

Bioactivity was tested by culturing mouse ES cells either on feeders in complete medium or without feeders in a conditioned medium. In both conditions mLIF was added using concentrations down to 0.1 ng/ml. All concentration conditions resulted in nice looking colonies of pluripotent mouse ES cells. When the ES cells were deprived of mLIF cells spontaneously differentiated and were able to form embryoid bodies in hanging drops.

formation of embryoid bodies

Product Formulation and Quality testing

  • Formulation: Lyophilized in PBS, pH 7.2, sterile filtered. Carrier-free.
  • Identity: Confirmed by western blot analysis using protein specific antibody.

bioactivity assay

Figure 1. Bioactivity was assayed using murine M1 myeloid leukemia cells and mouse ES cells. MTI-GlobalStem mLiF (GSR-7001) has an equivalent activity to 1000 U/ml when used at a concentration of only 5 ng/ml.


  • Purity: > 95%, by SDS-PAGE
  • Animal-Free manufactured
  • Free of Contaminants: Confirmed that endotoxin levels are less than 0.005ng/μg product (0.05EU/μg) as measured by turbidimetric kinetic assay. This level is 20 times lower than that of competitors’ products.
  • Tested to confirm the product carries no pyrogenic or pro-inflammatory contaminants, as assayed with monocyte activation test (MAT assay) using Human 10-plex Cytokine Assay measuring IL-6, TNF-alpha and IL-1ß induction.
  • Sterility is confirmed and product is mycoplasma-free

Technical Data

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Recommended Use Culturing of mouse ES or iPS cells
Product Unit Vial
Size 10µg,100 µg
PluriQ™ Tested on human and mouse pluripotent stem cells over multiple passages
Storage Store refrigerated at 2-8°C
Quality Testing Purity, activity and sterility
Shipping Room Temperature
Other Activity: 5ng = 1000 Units

Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (mLIF)

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