PluriQ™ G9™ Products Discontinuation

PluriQ™ G9™ Reprogramming Medium Kit (GSK-9002) and PluriQ™ G9™ Maintenance Medium Kit (GSK-9001) have been discontinued. We recommend Gibco™ StemFlex™ Medium Catalog number: A3349401 available at as the alternative medium.

PluriQ™ G9™ Gene Editing System (GSK-9003) has also been discontinued. We recommend purchasing EditPro™ Stem separately. It can be used with Gibco™ Essential 8 medium, Catalog No. A1517001 and other commercial stem cell media such as MTeSR. If using Gibco™ StemFlex™ Medium Catalog number: A3349401, we suggest using OptiMEM as medium during a transfection period of up to 4 hours followed by an overlay of the StemFlex™. Please refer to the updated protocol.