A new basal medium formulated for maximum growth and survival of proliferative neural cells such as human iPSC-derived neural stem cells or rat primary oligodendrocyte precursors. It is intended for use with GS22™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3200). When combined to form a complete medium, NeuralX™ and GS22™ demonstrate superior performance in supporting the growth and survival of proliferating neural stem cells in culture.

  • Improves long‐term viability of proliferative neural cells. 
  • Supports more efficient and higher yields of oligodendrocyte precursors.
  • Serum-free, animal-free for minimal risk of introducing adventitious agents into the cell.

Supports Healthy Neural Stem Cells in Culture


Figure 1. NeuralX™ Neural Stem Cell Medium and GS22™ Neural Supplement support healthy growth of proliferating human iPSC-derived neural stem cells in culture over multiple passages. HIP™ Human iPSC-derived pluripotent neural stem cells (BC1 line) were maintained in NeuralX™ NSC Medium and GS22™ supplement for 4 days before passaging and continuing culture for another 4 days. 

Optimal Differentiation into Healthy, Mature Oligodendrocytes


Figure 2. Rat primary oligodendrocyte precursors (GRPs) exhibit excellent growth, survival and health when grown in NeuralX™ NSC Medium and GS22™ Neural Supplement. After rat GRPs were grown for 3 passages in NeuralX™ NSC Medium with GS22™ supplement, antibody labeling indicated the cells were still primarily undifferentiated GRPs, as indicated by labeling with A2B5 (green) and DAPI (blue). 

Supports Growth &Long-term Survival in Oligodendrocyte Precursors 


Figure 3. Rat primary oligodendrocyte precursors (GRPs) differentiate into healthy, mature oligodendrocytes. After growing rat GRPs in in NeuralX™NSC Medium with GS22™ Supplement for 3 passages, cells were switched to NeuralQ™ Basal Medium supplemented with GS21™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3100) for 2 passages. Antibody labeling revealed a significant number of mature, differentiated oligodendrocytes, as indicated by labeling with GalC (green, left panel) and MBP (green, right panel). Total cells are shown using DAPI (blue, both panels

Technical Data


  • Barratt, H. E., Budnick, H. C., Parra, R., Lolley, R. J., Perry, C. N., & Nesic, O. (2016). Tamoxifen promotes differentiation of oligodendrocyte progenitors in vitro. Neuroscience.
Recommended Use Growth and survival of neural stem cells and other proliferative neural cells
Product Unit Bottle, sterile-filtered
Size 500mL
Concentration 1X
Storage Refrigerate at 4°C
Quality Testing Sterility, bacterial and fungal testing
Shipping Room temperature
Other Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses

NeuralX™ NSC Medium (1X)

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