• N2 Supplement

N2 Supplement

A chemically defined, animal-free, supplement used for expansion of undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells in culture.  N2 Supplement can also be used for maintenance of post-mitotic primary neurons in culture. N2 Supplement is intended for use with DMEM/F12 medium. While N2 can be used to grow primary neurons, our data indicates that NeuralQ® Basal Medium (GSM-9420) with GS21™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3100) is better suited for this application.

Supports Healthy Neural Stem Cells in Culture

Rat NSC cultured in DMEM/F12 with N2 supplement  Rat NSC co-labeled with Sox2 and Nestin 

Figure 1. N2 Supplement supports healthy growth of proliferating rat primary neural stem cells in culture over multiple passages. Primary Rat Neural Stem Cells (GSC-8010) were cultured in DMEM/F12 with N2 supplement. After 3 passages, cells were co-labeled with Sox2 (green) and Nestin (red).


Concentration (100X supplement)
Recombinant Human Insulin 
2500 µg/mL
Human apo-Transferrin
10,000 µg/mL
10 mM
Sodium Selenite
3 µM
2 µM

Technical Data


  • Bottenstein JE, Sato GH. Growth of a rat neuroblastoma cell line in serum-free supplemented medium. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1979 Jan;76(1):514-7.
  • Slotkin TA, Skavicus S, Card J, Levin ED, Seidler FJ. Diverse Neurotoxicants Target the Differentiation of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells into Neuronal and Glial Phenotypes. Toxicology. 2016 Nov 2.

Recommended Use Expansion of undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells
Product Unit Bottle, sterile-filtered
Size 5mL, 100X Concentration
Storage -20°C
Quality Testing Tested for neural cell expansion & undifferentiation, Sterility, Mycoplasma, pH, endotoxin, osmolarity, and other
Shipping Dry Ice
Other FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY - Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses

N2 Supplement (100X)

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