• N2 Supplement

N2 Supplement

A chemically defined, animal-free, supplement used for expansion of undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells in culture.  N2 Supplement can also be used for maintenance of post-mitotic primary neurons in culture. N2 Supplement is intended for use with DMEM/F12 medium. While N2 can be used to grow primary neurons, our data indicates that NeuralQ® Basal Medium (GSM-9420) with GS21™ Neural Supplement (GSM-3100) is better suited for this application.

Supports Healthy Neural Stem Cells in Culture

Rat NSC cultured in DMEM/F12 with N2 supplement  Rat NSC co-labeled with Sox2 and Nestin 

Figure 1. N2 Supplement supports healthy growth of proliferating rat primary neural stem cells in culture over multiple passages. Primary Rat Neural Stem Cells (GSC-8010) were cultured in DMEM/F12 with N2 supplement. After 3 passages, cells were co-labeled with Sox2 (green) and Nestin (red).


Concentration (100X supplement)
Recombinant Human Insulin 
2500 µg/mL
Human apo-Transferrin
10,000 µg/mL
10 mM
Sodium Selenite
3 µM
2 µM

Technical Data


  • Bottenstein JE, Sato GH. Growth of a rat neuroblastoma cell line in serum-free supplemented medium. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1979 Jan;76(1):514-7.
  • Slotkin TA, Skavicus S, Card J, Levin ED, Seidler FJ. Diverse Neurotoxicants Target the Differentiation of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells into Neuronal and Glial Phenotypes. Toxicology. 2016 Nov 2.
  • Slotkin TA, Skavicus S, Card J, Di Giulio RT, Seidler FJ. In vitro models reveal differences in the developmental neurotoxicity of an environmental polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon mixture compared to benzo [a] pyrene: Neuronotypic PC12 Cells and embryonic neural stem cells. Toxicology. 2017 Feb 15;377:49-56.

Recommended Use Expansion of undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells
Product Unit Bottle, sterile-filtered
Size 5mL, 100X Concentration
Storage -20°C
Quality Testing Tested for neural cell expansion & undifferentiation, Sterility, Mycoplasma, pH, endotoxin, osmolarity, and other
Shipping Dry Ice
Other FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY - Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses

N2 Supplement (100X)

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