Transfection Reagents

“I am sorry for not getting back to you regarding the DNA-In Neuro sample you sent me. Yes, we tested it and found it worked very well. In fact, it is so far the best commercial reagent for transfecting neurons we ever tested.  - Research Scientist, University of Zurich

The Jurkat transfection reagent [DNA-In Jurkat] worked great for us. The cells under your reporter are bright green and we also tested one of our mCherry plasmids and both were significantly more expressed than with Lipo3000. - Postdoc Scholar, UC Davis

The DNA-In CRISPR reagent is by FAR the best transfection reagent I have tried in the past 6 years for my myoblasts." - Ayan Banerjee, Ph.D.,Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University

“The 40% efficiency is very good in my opinion. I got about 10% transfection with GeneJet with no antibiotic puromycin. Yes, we would like to use DNA-In CRISPR as our transfection reagent, please send me a quote.” - Research Scientist - University of California, San Diego

“I will be interested in switching to the DNA-In CRISPR Transfection Reagent.” - Staff Scientist - Baylor college of Medicine

“I have been working on developing our protocol for the Sea Urchin system and have not worked with cells recently. DNA-In (DI) outperformed Lipofectamine 3K (L3K) and Polyjet in my hands.” - Graduate Student Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Finally got around to giving DNA-In a proper trial and have to say I was impressed.” -Physician , Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

“The DNA-In Stem reagent worked really well and transfection efficiency was fabulous. We definitely going to purchase your transfection reagents. Thank you!” - Research Scientist, NIH/NIA

“This [DNA-In Neuro] is probably the best I have seen for transfecting established neuronal cultures.” - Assistant Research Professor of Neuroscience, Cornell University

“At 24 hr I observed a 50% transfection efficiency. At 48 hrs it increased slightly to about 60%.” - Researcher, Stowers institute of Medical Research

“Based on what I know of the product [DNA-In Neuro], it works very well and is sensibly priced.”- Researcher, Drexel University

“ ... about 50-60% were GFP positive and luciferase was detected.” - Scientist, Novartis

“[DNA-In Neuro] appears to do a better job at targeting neurons instead of other cell types in the culture.” - Researcher, Drexel University

“The most noticeable feature is the decreased toxicity of this reagent [DNA-In Neuro].” - Research Scientist, Harvard University

“DNA-In Neuro worked better! Produced about 20% more transfection efficiency" -Researcher, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

“The product [DNA-In Neuro] is better than Lipofectamine.” -Post-Doctoral Scientist, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute.

“The product [DNA-In Neuro] worked better than our current reagent.” - Research Scientist, UPenn School of Medicine

GeneIn® [Transfection Reagent] has worked better than L2K for the cells types that I've tested... I am very pleased with these results. Both the visual and enzymatic results are consistent.” - Nam Che, Research Scientist , UCLA, Dept. Medicine-Cardiology

Neural Media & Supplements

“I cultured cortical neurons from humanized mice last week and compared them side-by-side with the typical NB+B27. Cell look much better in the NQ media [NeuralQ Basal Medium] with GS21. I will no be ordering huge amounts of that media but I am definitely switching my primary cultures to y our media and supplement.” - Adrianna Latuszek, Research Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“We used the sample products [NeuralQ Basal Medium and GS21 Supplement] you sent, and we are really pleased with our cultures.” - Sheela Kadapakkam, Researcher, University of Texas Health Science center at San Antonio.

Customer Service

“Working with stem cell and iPS cells, we have the necessity to use products in which we can rely 150%. That is why we chose GlobalStem as our supplier of mouse embryonic fibroblasts, because we know efficacy, accuracy and quality are always guaranteed if it comes from GlobalStem.” - Jenifer Estess, Columbia University

“Your customer service is awesome - one of the benefits of working with GlobalStem.” - Linda Reilly, University of California San Francisco

“Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. I'm impressed with the promptness and courtesy...”- Maria Borowski, University of Massachusetts

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