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EditPro™ Stem Transfection Reagent

Cat. No. GST-2174
Description:  EditPro™ Stem Transfection Reagent is optimized for genome editing in human pluripotent stem cells and neural stem cells. It is possible to co-transfect different substrates providing the flexibility needed for genome editing experiments. Learn more>


Cat. No. GST-216X Series 
Description:  A new transfection reagent specifically designed for high transfection efficiency of CRISPR-Cas9 expression vectors or CRISPR-Cas9/gRNA all-in-one expression vectors in mammalian cells. Learn More > 


PluriQ™ G9™ Cloning Medium

Cat No: GSM –9020

Description: PluriQ™ G9™ Cloning Medium (100 mL) supports single cell plating and clonal expansion of human iPS or ES cells while maintaining pluripotency. Learn More >

PluriQ™ G9 Feeder-Free  Maintenance Medium Kit

Cat. No. GSK-9001
Description:   All new,  highly defined feeder-free cell culture medium that provides a xeno-free growth environment for the feeder-free maintenance and expansion of human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC).    Learn More > 

PluriQ™ G9 Feeder-Free  Reprogramming Medium Kit

Cat. No. GSK-9002
Description:   New,  feeder-free, xeno-free reprogramming medium for reprogramming adult somatic cells to create human ES and iPS cells in vitro.   Learn More > 

N2 Supplement 

Cat. No. GSM-3300
Description:   A chemically defined, animal-free, supplement used for expansion of undifferentiated neural stem and progenitor cells in culture.  Learn More > 

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