• GS21 Neural Supplement w/o Steriods (50X)

A Neuronal Supplement for Maximum Cell Viability

GS21™ Neural Supplement w/o Steroid Hormones is a customized formulation of the complete GS21™ serum-free neural supplement without corticosterone and progesterone ideal for studying neuron-immune cell interactions.

long-term neuron culture in GS21

    GS21™ Supplement  is the next generation serum-free neural media supplement, based on the formulation of NS21 Supplement, designed to improve the overall growth and performance of primary neurons1. GS21™ is specifically optimized for the maturation and long-term viability of primary rat and mouse neurons in culture, without the need for co-culture with astrocyte feeder cells.

    Technical Data

    1Y, Stevens B, Chang J, Milbrandt J, Barres BA, Hell JW. NS21:re-defined and Modified Supplement B27 for Neuronal Cultures. J Neurosci Methods, 171:(2) 239-0247, 2008.

    Recommended Use Neuronal cell culture.
    Product Unit Bottle, sterile-filtered
    Size 10mL, 50X Concentration
    Storage -20°C
    Quality Testing Tested for neuronal cell growth, Sterility, Mycoplasma, pH, endotoxin, osmolarity, and other
    Shipping Dry Ice
    Other FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY - Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses

    GS21™ Neural Supplement w/o Steroids (50X)

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