Terms & Conditions

Limited Label License Agreement

The purchase of this product conveys to the buyer the non‐transferable right (a) to use the purchased amount of the product and components of the product in research conducted by the buyer (whether the buyer is an academic or for‐profit entity) but not to use the product or components of the product for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes or (b) to manufacture products or provide services. The buyer cannot sell or otherwise transfer for commercial purposes this product or its components to a third party. The buyer may transfer this product or its components or materials made using this product to a scientific collaborator, provided that, in conjunction with such transfer, such collaborator agrees in writing (a) not to transfer such product, components or materials to any third party, (b) to use such transferred product, components or materials and/or information solely for research and not for any therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purpose; (c) not to resell the product or its components, whether or not such product or its components are resold for use in research; (d) neither analyze the chemical composition of the product nor reverse engineer the product. For products that are subject to multiple limited use label licenses, the terms of the most restrictive limited use label license shall control.
MTI-GlobalStem will not assert a claim against the buyer of infringement of patents owned or controlled by MTI-GlobalStem which cover this product based upon the manufacture, use or sale of a therapeutic, clinical diagnostic, vaccine or prophylactic product developed in research by the buyer in which this product or its components was employed, provided that neither this product or any of its components was used in the manufacture of such product. If the purchaser is not willing to accept the limitations of this limited use statement GlobalStem is willing to accept return of the product with a full refund. For information on purchasing a license to this product for purposes other than research contact MTI-GlobalStem at info@mti-globalstem.com.