PluriQ G9 FF Medium for Reprogramming   

A defined, feeder-free medium for iPSC reprogramming

PluriQ™ G9 Reprogramming Medium is a feeder-free, xeno-free reprogramming medium for reprogramming adult somatic cells to create human ES and iPS cells in vitro. The PluriQ™ G9 Medium for iPSC Reprogramming contains all of the cell culture media and supplements required for reprogramming, backed by the stringent PluriQ™ quality standards that set MTI-GlobalStem apart. Each lot of medium is pre-qualified to ensure consistent cell culture performance.

Easily generate pluripotent cells from somatic cells

The PluriQ™ G9 Medium for iPSC Reprogramming allows researchers to easily create pluripotent cells from somatic cells. The offers a flexible experimental setup, as cells currently grown in other feeder-free media can be directly passaged into PluriQ™ G9 medium after harvesting your cells.


  • PluriQ™ G9 Basal Medium (500 ml) – GSM-9001
  • PluriQ™ G9 Supplement (50x, 10 ml) – GSR-9001
  • Human FGF2 (bFGF, 10 µg/0.5ml) – GSR-2001-10

Figure 1. PluriQ™ G9 feeder-free cell culture medium supports maintenance in culture of human pluripotent stem cells. Human  iPSCs shown here were passaged onto vitronectin in complete PluriQ™ G9 medium and expanded for 4 days. Multiple passages produced similar results (data not shown).

PluriQ™ Tested

Our PluriQ™ reagents is tested for quality, purity and the effective maintenance of pluripotent stem cells over multiple passages to ensure health, morphology and undifferentiation. 
Each lot of PluriQ™ Medium undergoes testing for:
  • Sterility
  • Mycoplasma
  • pH
  • Osmolarity

Technical Data

  • Product Protocol
  • Information
    Recommended Use Xeno-free, Feeder-free maintenance of human ESC and iPSC after reprogramming
    Size 1 Kit Contains: ● PluriQ™ G9 Basal Medium - 500ml, (GSM-9001) ● PluriQ™ G9 Supplement (50X), -10ml, (GSR-9001) ● Human FGF-2 (10µg), (GSR-2001-10)
    PluriQ™ Tested on human pluripotent stem cells
    Storage Store refrigerated at 2-8°C: ● PluriQ™ G9 Basal Medium Store -20°C (non frost-free freezer): ● PluriQ™ G9 Supplement ● Human FGF-2
    Quality Testing Tested for healthy undifferentiated growth, sterility, mycoplasma, post-thaw viability
    Shipping Room Temperature: ● PluriQ™ G9 Basal Medium Dry Ice: ● PluriQ™ G9 Supplement, ● Human FGF-2

    PluriQ™ G9 Reprogramming Medium

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