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MTI-GlobalStem Announces Updated Company Identity and Website

August 3, 2015

MTI-GlobalStem announces the launch of an updated corporate identity, including new company name, logo and website to reflect the complete merger of the companies into a cohesive customer experience.

MTI-GlobalStem, a leading supplier of cutting-edge tools and reagents for the life sciences, announces the launch of an updated corporate identity, including new company name, logo and website. GlobalStem was formed in 2006 and acquired by Molecular Transfer, Inc. (MTI) in 2009. The company moved into a new, joint facility in 2014 to bring the two divisions closer together. The formation of MTI-GlobalStem merged MTI’s groundbreaking technologies in the areas of transfection, transformation and gene delivery, with GlobalStem’s products and expertise in stem cell and neurobiology. The new corporate identity, which includes rebranding as MTI-GlobalStem, a new corporate logo, and a redesigned website, reflects the complete merger of the companies into a cohesive customer experience.

Dan Komarek, President and COO of MTI-GlobalStem, emphasized that “The rebranding and website will improve the customer experience by combining our two websites into one, bringing together the portfolio of products.”

The website redesign is an integral component of the company rebranding. The website features a clean, modern design; easy-to-navigate functionality to quickly find content; and improved access to product- and application-specific information to assist customers with their experiments. The website includes an optimized e-commerce function for a better online shopping experience, and the latest news and information on products for transfection, stem cell and neurobiology research.

Dan Komarek pointed out that the merged company has already launched a number of next-generation gene delivery transfection reagents, with more development to come. “This completes the merger of our two divisions, started in early 2014 with our new facility, that brought together our team of experts in chemistry, neurobiology, stem cell biology and cell culture development. This allowed us to develop and launch the next generation of gene delivery tools more quickly, and utilizes these tools for the development of new iPSC reprogrammed stem cells and stem cell-derived neural cells,” said Dan Komarek.

Customers are encouraged to visit the new website to lean about new products, recent applications, and download information to help their experiments succeed. Please visit the website at www.MTIGlobalStem. com.

About MTI-GlobalStem MTI-GlobalStem’s mission is to develop and supply scientists with the necessary tools and reagents to help advance new discoveries and developments in the life sciences. Utilizing our intellectual property and knowhow, and a specialized team of highly skilled and experienced scientists, we have developed a portfolio of reagents for stem cell, neurobiology and cell biology research. MTI-GlobalStem is filling the gap with primary and iPSC-derived neural cells, stem cells culturing products including, feeder cells, optimized growth media and supplements, and an innovative platform of targeted next generation transfection reagents.

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