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MTI-GlobalStem, is a leading supplier of cutting-edge tools and reagents for the life sciences. GlobalStem was formed in 2006 and acquired by Molecular Transfer, Inc. (MTI) in 2009  (Press Release). In November 2016, MTI-GlobalStem became a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific (Press Release).

In 2002 Molecular Transfer, Inc (MTI) was established by a small group of highly experienced biotechnology professionals and scientists with the vision of providing superior products in the area of transformation and transfection reagents. The founding scientific members of the MTI team have a history of innovation and success in the development of leading-edge technologies in the area of transfection, transformation, nucleic acid chemistry and gene expression arena. They are inventors or co-inventors on over 50 issued patents and over 70 applications. They co-invented and led the development of Lipofectamine® and LipofectAmine® 2000 during their tenure at BRL/ Life Technologies. They also led the development and pioneering commercialization of virtually all of the offerings in the famous DH5α™ and DH10B™ lines in collaboration with Professor Doug Hanahan from the University of California San Francisco.. The formation of MTI-GlobalStem merged MTI’s groundbreaking technologies in the areas of transfection, transformation and gene delivery, with GlobalStem’s expertise in stem cell and neurobiology. 

MTI has continued to develop pioneering products in the area of transfection through invention and licensing of enabling technologies. These inventions are combined with licensed technologies from leading academic laboratories that focus on nucleic acid delivery vectors and nanoparticles to be developed into new cutting edge transfection reagents. MTI has been providing high quality and state of the art products to the research community through several OEM manufacturing relationships with large, well-known research product companies. In the area of transformation, MTI has developed and commercialized chemically competent cells (5 alpha and 10B) and electrocompetent cells (electro 10B). An innovative, ready-to-use and proprietary Electro 10B in cuvettes has also been commercialized (US Pat # 7,078,227, 8,105,818). MTI expanded into the stem cell and neuronal cell areas through its acquisition of GlobalStem in 2009, to provide neuronal cell systems and stem-cell products to the life sciences research market. Products include optimized and qualified neural and stem cell growth media and supplements, sera, feeder cells, growth factors, and assay kits, as well as transfection reagents.

MTI-GlobalStem has an active research program that utilizes expertise in transfection, neuroscience and stem cell biology to develop and supply scientists with the necessary tools and reagents to help advance new discoveries and developments in the life sciences. Utilizing our intellectual property and know-how, and a specialized team of highly skilled and experienced scientists, we are filling the gap with primary and iPSC-derived neural cells, stem cells and supporting feeder cells, optimized growth media and supplements, and an innovative platform of novel targeted reagents used to deliver nucleic acids into stem cells and neuronal cells with maximum efficiency.

 MTI-GlobalStem is now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific !

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